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Project: Wolf is not a group, it's a movement. A groundswell of outrage and emotion which ties thousands of individuals, hundreds of groups, and sanctuaries, together with a unified message. Protect our wolves!

Our mission is to educate, communicate and overcome the influence of the special interests. We will not shy away from showing the real face of the war on wolves, no matter how hard the images are to look at. We will work tirelessly to stop trapping.

Every wolf that dies represents a failure of our responsibility to protect our public land and our wildlife. Our ultimate goal is not to fail anymore.

We won't offer you a plush toy to get you to become a member - indeed we don't have an official membership.

We take no money out of our donations for salaries or overhead, every dollar we get in donation will be used to get our message to average Americans. We are starting with billboards outside Yellowstone and this web site. But with enough support, it may include television, and more. The goal is to go to the American public with the information - presented in bold, disturbing, powerful imagery and simple calls to action.

If you believe we are doing this right, get Educated, Share what you learn, and donate. Even a small amount of effort could save countless wolves.

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