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Idaho opens 2013-2014 wolf hunting season. Send our letter opposing cruel and unscientific practices.

Idaho Wildlife SErvices and animal torture

Scroll to the bottom to send a letter to Idaho’s Governor and top 10 FWS officials.

Idaho opens 2013-2014 wolf hunting season.

Though wolves in Idaho are subjected to hunting year round in some areas, the season date change from 2012/2013 to 2013/2014 is just around the bend. The rest of the state hunts wolves ten months out of the year, stopping only in July and most of August. Hunters are allowed to kill five wolves each, and trappers also are allowed to kill five wolves each. This means that if someone held both trapping and hunting tags, they could technically kill ten wolves each.

Idaho continues to consider this reasonable management, and their Fish and Game websites show all these beautiful photos of wolves, tricking the public into thinking that the wolves are treated fairly, but no other big game animal is treated with such hate, misunderstanding, and malice. Wolves are a natural part of the landscape, and hunting them in such numbers will lead to their second extirpation from the lower 48 states, especially in the Northern Rockies. Management implies a long term survival of the species, with genetic interchange and dispersal- what Idaho and the other Northern States are doing is not management, but an organized extermination. Allowing an animal to be taken year round means that babies are orphaned, or even subjected to being killed themselves. No other “big game” animal is hunted like this- can you imagine the outrage that would occur if we were allowed to hunt deer and elk year round, or bears and mountain lions? Yet alone allow a single person to wipe out ten animals? It is completely legal to kill wolves regardless of if they are nursing or not, yet bears and mountain lions are afforded these protections.

Wolves are unlike any other creature that states have ever managed, and unfortunately the states are doing a terrible job at managing them. Wolves are slow to reproduce, there is a misconception that since they live in packs they have a lot of puppies- when in reality, only one pair of wolves breed (the alpha pair). They have an average of five pups in a good year, and over half of those pups die before they reach their first birthday, and even more die before they hit sexual maturity at two years of age.

Sadly, the wolf, which was one of the greatest success stories for reintroduction, is now being forced back to the brink of extinction because of politics and lack of sound science in management and decision making. Idaho does not have a comment period for their wolf hunt.

Send a letter to Idaho Governor and 10 of the Idaho Fish and WIldlife top officials.

Send email to Idaho’s Governor and top 10 Fish and WIldlife officials

Idaho: Stop slaughtering and torturing our wolves!

I am writing to you in opposition of the current management regarding the Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) in the State of Idaho, on the grounds that this species listed as Big Game is being treated with cruelty, negligence, without the respect and protections afforded to other Big Game species. Specific concerns include the lengthy hunting seasons that extend into and through breeding seasons, disregard to basic biology and reproductive processes of the Grey Wolf, use of unsound science in determining harvest limits and number of wolves allotted to each individual, as well as misuse of data regarding livestock loss and ungulate herd impacts.

The Grey Wolf is the only species listed as Big Game which is hunted ten months out of the year, and in some instances year-round, as well as the only species allowed to be taken when accompanied by young. Other predators are afforded these protections and the Grey Wolf should be treated no differently than other Big Game species. With wolves being a new species to be listed as Game, more science needs to be implemented that will allow for the species to remain not only genetically viable, but also biologically stable in regards to individual packs. Currently, wolf packs are being destroyed in mass. The wolf is not a species that can or should be managed by quotas and numbers, they must be managed on the individual basis due to their social structure and the impacts they face when an animal of high rank is harvested.

Sound science shows that the Grey Wolf is a minimal cause of cattle and sheep losses, yet a main reason given to the public to justify these devastating quotas and harvests is to combat depredation. Science from Oregon, the state with the most progressive wolf management plan, shows that when livestock owners implement non-lethal wolf control, the number of livestock lost per year drops dramatically. Oregon has roughly 1.3 million head of cattle, and a current wolf population of 53. Idaho, on the other hand, has 2.1 million head of cattle, with a 2012 estimate of 683 wolves. Oregon had banned killing wolves for over a year, in which time their wolf population nearly doubled to its current size, and livestock losses decreased by roughly half. Oregon lost less than ten cows to wolves once non-lethal control methods were implemented, Idaho lost 92 cows last year- an increase from previous years. These numbers are minimal in comparison to the tens of thousands of cattle lost in each state per year to disease. The Northern Rockies have seen dramatic increase in depredation since implementing wolf hunts, this is because smaller, broken up packs are inefficient at hunting native prey. Native ungulate herds in Idaho, according to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, have remained stable and even increased by five percent since the wolf reintroduction. Montana has experienced an overall increase in elk by 66 percent, and another 35 percent increase in Wyoming. Wolves may be a factor in a few isolated declines, but have allowed for the elk to move in a more natural manner with a lower transmissions rate for disease.

The current management of the Grey Wolf does not adequately provide for individual animals nor the species. The current limit of take per person (5 per hunter, 5 per trapper) goes beyond responsible harvest. It is important that Idaho treats this species with the same respect and fairness afforded to other species living in the states, at this time Idaho is failing the American public as well as the Grey Wolf species.

Please consider these facts and comments and help preserve the Grey Wolf in Idaho for future generations to enjoy.


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  1. Devi Hughes
    Devi Hughes07-14-2013

    Idaho must put an end to this cruel practice! How can anyone smile and take pictures next to a suffering creature and call themselves human?

  2. liu wai ling
    liu wai ling07-03-2013

    Please stop and end slaughter for our wolves. wolves is beautiful animals. They have right ans feeling in their alive, give them free to the wild , don’t let them disappear and lost. respect and responsible a life. end this cruel hunting or trapping or killing to their life. Thank you

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